Jack & Jenny Public House, Braintree

Third time Lucky!

12th Dec 2018

We first started to look at this site in October 2010 for 2 dwellings on surplus land at the Jack & Jenny Public House in Witham, Braintree.

After several schemes were drafted, a planning application was finally submitted in January 2017. The site is an unusual shape and heavily overlooked by the neighbouring development and unfortunately the application was refused.

The scheme was then reduced to a single dwelling, due to tree protection orders being placed, and re-submitted in September 2017. The application was refused again, and the Client decided to take it to appeal as some of the reasons for refusal were felt to be unreasonable. Although the appeal was dismissed, it did help to narrow down the issues to overcome.

A third application was submitted in July 2018 to address the concerns raised by the Planning Inspector, relating to inadequate living conditions with regards to privacy and overlooking from the neighbours. The dwelling was re-designed and re-orientated for this application and after great persistence we were finally rewarded and received an approval, by the Planning Committee, on 4th December 2018.

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