Bell Inn, Seend, Wiltshire Planning and Listed Building Approvals

New Project Planning Approval

1st Nov 2018

The Bell Inn, in the village of Seend, is a grade II listed 1700s public house with attached brewhouse.

The proposed project was to convert the main building into a single house and the brewhouse to form an associated annex. Detailed consideration was made by the planning and heritage statements completed by expert consultants, which informed our scheme drawings.

Other community uses proved unviable due to its size, internal layout, listed building and conservation area statuses, and with other public houses trading in close proximity, the proposal to convert the building to a dwelling was put forward.

Planning and Listed Building applications were submitted to Wiltshire Council in June 2018 and was recently approved on 25 October 2018.

It was considered that the proposals for the conversion would not harm the appearance of the property, given that the building would fundamentally remain unchanged when viewed from the site perimeter, and therefore it would not have a significant detrimental impact on the character of the conservation area.

Securing a viable use for the building is key for its long-term preservation and safeguarding and so we are pleased that the project received approval.

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